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Important Notice: Dances Made is shutting down

2/21/2014 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Dear Community,

The Dances Made series was viewed in more than 125 countries last year. In just seven days, the 2013 En Route Dance Film Festival screened in 51 countries for more than 1400 people.

Over the past two and half years, Bryan and I have been incredibly lucky to work with more than 130 artists from all over the world. We are thankful for the inspiration these artists provided—to us and the thousands of people who discovered their work through our series.

We are proud of what we accomplished.

Now, it’s time for us to move forward in new ways.

We decided to end the Dances Made series and shut down the website. This choice comes with mixed emotions for us, but, more than anything, we’re exhilarated.

We are taking this long Valentine’s Day weekend to rest and refocus. We remain advocates for the global dance community. We believe in the magic and potential of dance film. We value you, your feedback, and the lessons we’ve learned. We welcome your replies to this message, and please stay in touch.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your generosity.

Kingsley and Bryan
Founders of Dances Made

The 2013 Audience Choice Award Goes to…

12/15/2013 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

The Art of Defining Me for En Route

Congratulations to Kamala Devam and Seeta Patel! Their film The Art of Defining Me won the 2013 En Route Dance Film Festival Audience Choice Award sponsored by the Awesome Without Borders Foundation!

Thank you to everyone who supported and watched the festival. It’s viewers like you who keep art alive and help it evolve. Stay tuned! We have BIG plans for our 2014 season featuring new curators and filmmakers who will create original work.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor the Dance Resource Center to help us keep the series running. Click here.

Awesome Without Borders
Thank you to the Awesome Without Borders Foundation for their support.

2013 En Route Juror Favorites!

12/13/2013 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Our 2013 En Route Dance Film Festival jurors have picked their favorites from our program! There’s still time to watch these gorgeous films and check out what captivated these tastemakers! Our festival is available online, everywhere until December 14 at midnight Pacific Time. Get your tickets and watch it here. Get to know our jurors. Read more about them here.

Christy Bolingbroke for Dances Made to Order
Photo by Meg Messina

Christy Bolingbroke, Director of ODC Theater chose moverevermore directed by Oleg Stepanov Alexey Torgunako

I chose moverevermore as my ‘favorite’ because it has beautiful dancers, a genuinely interesting movement vocabulary, a sound score that complements the visual without detracting from it, and a specific yet simple costume idea that when incorporated with the movement provided interesting opportunities and creative choices for editing. The very nature of film editing helped realize Oleg and Alexey’s vision of “one mover to another mover…” and concretized their idea on the screen as it could not have been experienced live. I also felt the judicious editing of the piece as a whole and its brevity was a smart choice that enhanced the work’s impact.

Moverevermore for En Route
A still from  moverevermore  directed by Oleg Stepanov Alexey Torgunako


Eric Carr for Dances Made

Eric Carr, Vice President of Exhibitor Marketing at Focus Features chose Melting Justice directed by Petna Ndaliko Katondolo

Alive with color and movement – Melting Justice shines and sings with performances from street dancers in Congo. With crowds of viewers looking on, the dancers’ performances tell a story of intense conflict. The staging of the dancers and their performances not only communicate a struggle, but also a will to stand out and stand up.


Melting Justice for En Route
A still from Melting Justice directed by  Petna Ndaliko Katondolo


Onye Ozuzu for Dances Made
Onye Ozuzu, artist and Chair of the Dance Department at Columbia College Chicago chose Concert for Shadows directed by Alessandro Amaducci

I select this film for a handful of reasons. Its the one I already watched multiple times and still want to see again. I appreciated the unexpected position of the body in the context of the work. The protagonist was not human. While the body remained central, the body was a metaphor for the experience of…..of what? Of whom? At first it was the eye of the camera…some disembodied gaze that imagined itself in this woman’s body’s movement. Then it was the sound personified, intentioned; sound as entity. And then in was something less defined some sort of pure, “pure?” digital beingness. I appreciate the sense of release it communicated to me, the permission to see the multi-disciplined, collaborative work as a whole; a permission prompted by what I experienced as a swallowing of the dance.

Concert for Shadows for En Route
A still from Concert for Shadows directed by Alessandro Amaducci




Meet En Route Dance Film Festival Jurors

12/9/2013 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Meet the 2013 En Route Dance Film Festival jurors! Each one of these tastemakers will select a favorite from our program.

There are only 2 DAYS LEFT to watch the En Route Dance Film Festival selections! There are films that will make you laugh, cry, question the status quo, cheer you up and rejoice in some flashy dancing (our fave kind).

If you haven’t bought your festival pass yet, there is still time to watch this program curated with lots of love! Remember: you only have until December 14 at midnight Pacific time to watch all 19 films. Click here to check out the program and get your tickets.

Christy Bolingbroke for Dances Made to Order

Photo by Meg Messina

As the Director of ODC Theater, Christy Bolingbroke is charged with the executive and artistic leadership of this 171-seat multi-disciplinary (albeit dance-centric) venue and program including multi-year artist residencies, an annual main stage season, and campus-wide performances. Prior to joining ODC, Christy Bolingbroke was the Director of Marketing for the Mark Morris Dance Group with a focus on institutional visibility for the Dance Center in Brooklyn and for the Dance Group worldwide, increasing ticket sales in tour markets, and activating ‘Access/MMDG’ outreach and engagement events in major hub cities such as Seattle, Houston, Boston, New York City, and Berkeley. She is a former Board President of the Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles and a founding member of Emerging Leaders for New York Arts. Christy carries a B.A. in Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles, is a graduate of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management Fellowship program at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and recently earned a certificate at the Institute of Curatorial Practice in Performance from Wesleyan University.

Eric Carr for Dances Made

Eric Carr is a Film Professional with 14 years of experience in film distribution and marketing. Eric currently serves as the Vice President of Exhibitor Marketing at Focus Features, where he has overseen in-theatre marketing efforts films that have included BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, CORALINE and most recently, THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. He has a BFA in Cinema Studies and Journalism from New York University and a MBA from the University of Southern California.

Onye Ozuzu for Dances Made

Onye Ozuzu is a dance administrator, performing artist, choreographer, educator and researcher currently serving as Chair of the Dance Department at Columbia College Chicago. Her administrative work is notable for a balance of visionary and deliberate progress in the arenas of curricular, artistic, and systemic diversity, cultural relativity, collaboration and inter-disciplinarity. She has been actively presenting work since 1997. Her work has been seen nationally and internationally at The Joyce Soho (Manhattan, NY), Kaay Fecc Festival Des Tous les Danses (Dakar, Senegal), La Festival del Caribe (Santiago, Cuba), Lisner Auditorium (Washington DC), McKenna Museum of African American Art (New Orleans, LA), as well as many anonymous site-specific locations. She has recently been Artist in Residence at EarthDance Workshop and Retreat Center, Bates Dance Festival and Chulitna Wilderness Lodge and Retreat she continues to develop new work. She is currently exploring the relationship between the body, tools and earth.

2013 En Route Dance Film Festival from Dances Made to Order on Vimeo.

An interview with Boris Willis

11/24/2013 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Boris Willis for Dances Made

Boris Willis and his collaborators created Moments/Mumford for Edition 30 of Dances Made.  They had three weeks to create a dance film inspired by these ideas chosen by our audience: feminine/masculine and What am I hiding from? Watch it exclusively on our site. Your donation goes back to our artists to support their work.

Why are you interested in making dance film?

Since 2007 I have been exploring how to put dance in front of more people more often and dance film is a great way to do that. I started a 365 project called Dance-A-Day inspired by a composition class I took with Susan Rethorst and Bebe Miller. It was a glorious burden.

What was your initial reaction to the themes chosen by our audience?
My initial reaction was “How am I going to do that?” but ideas came to me over and over.

Tell us a little about your creative process…
My process is somewhat improvised. I have an initial idea and I go out and shoot it then edit a version. Then I find another day to go out and reshoot everything I don’t like about the first video, lather rinse, repeat. At some point I have what I want.

Name a film that changed your life.
I still can’t watch Bambi. It devastated me as a child.

Name a dance performance that changed your life.
Eiko and Koma’s River was the first time I felt physically transformed by a performance. They moved so slowly that at first I was very agitated and wanted to leave. At some point I slowed to their pace and felt totally in sync with the time sense they were moving in. At one point a match was lit and it seemed like the most magical thing I had ever seen, the fire was so slow and lighting fast at the same time. I relaxed, my breathing was slower and I realized that I had joined them and was not in my head and that I had released my expectations.

If we were going to spend the day with you hanging out with you, what would we do?
Because I live in DC and I am a tour guide we would explore this amazing city; Breakfast in Georgetown. Then off to the Washington National Cathedral Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial. Lunch in Dupont Circle or grab something from a food truck then the Hirshhorn Museum and the Smithsonian American Art Museum for our art fix. Dinner in Chinatown or as some call it China Block, its kind of small. A show at night. Dancing in Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle.

What is your favorite drink and where do you get it? 
My favorite drink is Jameson’s but my favorite bar is Russia House where I always drink Imperia vodka.

If you could live in another time period, which would it be?
I would like to see what the world was like 100 years in the future. Mostly curious about the advances in technology. It is so hard to predict what the future will be like but I think we mostly overestimate the changes in society. I don’t think we will have flying cars but maybe.

What are some things you can’t live without?
Dance, my phone, good food, being alone in nature, close friends.