Dances Made to Order

An Interview with Laura Holway and Ben McGinley

6/28/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Photo by Alexa John

Laura and Ben are collaborating on a dance film for the Minneapolis edition. Select the ideas that will inspire our artists’ films and buy your tickets for the online premiere. Sign in here

Tell us about some of your upcoming projects in 2012.

Laura: I’m working a series of solos that currently have no performance date. In the past, I’ve made work with multiple projectors, many people, and lots of props, and now I’m working on simpler things: a single performer and a video projector, or a sound score of text and one performer. I want to make work that’s easy to transport, and inexpensive to produce.

In the fall I’m collaborating with the Red Eye Theater on the development and production of a new play, which I’ll be doing movement coaching/integration for. I’m also excited to be moving in the direction of curating and producing. I’m working on producing a series for this winter, which will pair three emerging artists of different artistic disciplines together. I’m surprised that many people who see live music or theatre don’t see dance, and vice versa. The series aims at expanding arts audiences and promoting the work of artists that are probably less known.

 Ben:While I’ll be on the artistic down-low for the rest of the foreseeable year, I will be launching a creative media company with Laura in the fall. We are currently in the branding, design, and packaging process. The company’s mission will be to provide consulting, video, and creative services aiming at helping artists and small business owners put legs and motion into their ideas. It’s very much a work in progress, but that’s also kind of the point.

If we were going to spend a day hanging out with you in Minneapolis, what would we do?

Laura: We would eat, ride bikes, and see dance. Minneapolis has incredible restaurants. My favorite is 112 Eatery, and we would rent Nice Rides and ride downtown and eat scallops and oyster mushrooms, washed down with a Surly Furious (a fantastic local beer). And then, naturally, we would try to catch Laurie Van Wieren’s 9 x 22 dance laboratory at the Bryant Lake Bowl (the 4rd Wednesday of every month), where you will always see something new and exciting in the dance world.

Ben: We would eat and drink A LOT. We would go to breakfast at Grand Cafe, lunch at Quang Vietnamese, and have dinner at 112 Eatery, and get nightcap(s) at the Bradstreet Crafthouse. And, if it were a 48 hour day, we’d probably go see Mad King Thomas (see at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

What is your favorite drink and where do you get it?

Laura: My favorite drink is the Professor at the Bradstreet Crafthouse, but I was just told that Ben STOLE MY ANSWER. When I need to get things done and cannot sit and drink Professors, I opt for coffee. Kopplin’s Coffee is pretty magical. You have to go ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RIVER to St. Paul to drink it. Don’t believe what people tell you about St. Paul: it’s great.

Ben:The Professor is the name of one of the Bradstreet Crafthouse’s best cocktails. They are about as pro at mixology as I’ve ever tasted. The Professor is a gin drink with spicy homemade ginger simple syrup and bitters. It’s unbelievable.

 Tell us something surprising about yourself.

Laura: I studied classical voice for 10 years, so I used to rock a good piece of German lieder. I also was a competitive Irish Step dancer growing up. I don’t miss sleeping in curlers.

Ben: I’m adopted and also, unrelated, a certified scuba diver.