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An Interview with Claudia Anata Hubiak

8/26/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Claudia Anata Hubiak  is now in the process of creating her dance film for the San Francisco edition inspired by the ideas our audience members chose: feathers and orange,change.  The films will premiere online  exclusively on the Dances Made to Order  site on September 19. Get your tickets and watch it from the comfort of your home.  Visit our homepage

Find out a little more about Claudia…

Tell us about some of your upcoming projects in 2012/2013

1.The Anata Project has a packed Fall and some really exciting events coming up. September 5th at 5pm we are joining Christy Bolingbroke for her new series at the ODC Theater called Take Five, established to create an open forum for discussion about new choreography in the Bay Area.

2. For all you New Yorkers, we are presenting a new duet at Joe’s Pub for the DanceNow festival on September 6th at 7:30. This is a super fun event with over forty New York choreographers that present five minutes of work on a 8′x11′ stage. The festival is a blast and a fun way to see what’s new in New York.

3. We are thrilled to present our Fall Home Season at Dance Mission Theater October 19th and 20th is our San Francisco debut season and we will be presenting an hour long piece called Crooked Little Hearts about love and the off balance tangle it can create. Get tickets here.

4.To sum up the year The Anata Project will head back to New York and present at Judson Church as part of Summation Dance’s Dancing Literate Series December 6-8th at 7:30,

5. Lastly, stay tuned for exciting details about the spring season show at ZSpace May 17-19th!

 If we were going to spend the day with you hanging out in San Franciso, what would we do?

Wow, if this was a whole day off we would start at my favorite hole in the wall cafe called Farm Table where the make the most amazing creamy iced coffee. Then we would rent some bikes and ride through the Presidio and over the Golden Gate Bridge and get some good nature time. We would spend the afternoon at the DeYoung Museum and check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, then finish the evening at the Nob Hill Grille on Pine and Hyde with a big glass of wine and some steak and frites. If it was not a day off, we would have a blast in rehearsal and you could come and hang with the dancers!

What is your favorite drink and where do you get it? 

 I make my living as a bartender, so this is a tough one… I have to say that lately I am a fan of the rye Manhattan, perfect with an orange twist. My friend Ben Rosien at Lightening Tavern makes a mean Manhattan so go say hi if you are in town.

 Tell us something surprising about yourself.

Oh man, in the last few years become a big Giants baseball fan. I’m not proud to admit this, but I literally choose stay in on Friday nights to watch a baseball game instead of going out.

The San Francisco edition of Dances Made to Order is curated by Christy Bolingbroke and presented in partnership with ODC Theater.