Dances Made to Order

An Interview with Rajendra Serber, one of our San Francisco edition artists

8/28/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Rajendra Serber  is now in the process of creating her dance film for the San Francisco edition inspired by the ideas our audience members chose: feathers and orange,change.  The films will premiere online  exclusively on the Dances Made to Order  site on September 19. Get your tickets and watch it from the comfort of your home. Visit our homepage.

Tell us about some of your upcoming projects in 2012/2013

I hope to make some more short dance films, and maybe a solo performance. I’ve been thinking a lot about family and time. Particularly about how the immigration of my family has put me here in San Francisco. My farther was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his father was born in somewhere in Romania, my mother was born in Cleveland, Ohio, her farther was born in Florida and his mother was born in Odessa, Russia. I just got married to a woman from Germany and we’re considering the option of moving there. But for the next year at least I’ll be here in SF ruminating on the tangled web of culture and time.

If we were going to spend the day with you hanging out in San Francisco, what would we do?

It’s probably a foggy day so I would take you north to Mount Tamalpias. We would go to the top where we could see the whole Bay Area; even when there is fog covering San Francisco we are usually sitting above it on Mt. Tam. This is where we would hike on weekends when I was in high school. Or sometimes just go up there for the evening to watch the sunset. On a weeknight I would take you to dance Contact Improvisation at a local jam, or on weekend evening we would go see a performance (or be in one).

What is your favorite drink and where do you get it?

I like lemonade. I like to squeeze it myself and keep it sour.

 Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I’ve just been traveling for the past six weeks. It was a circuitous journey that started on a lake in Mt. Vernon Maine where I created a performance call “The Bearnstow Innerspace Museum.” From there I went to Moscow to perform with Sarah Shelton Mann at the TsEKh contemporary dance festival, then to an art and architecture festival in an abandoned farming village in Russia. After that I taught Contact Improvisation in Brussels, and finally ended the trip by performing in a harbor in Copenhagen as part of an epic art event called “Battle of Copenhagen.” Along the way I somehow squeezed in Pasty’s in Cambridge, goat cheese in Paris, and herring in Amsterdam. Yum.

The San Francisco edition is presented in partnership with ODC Theater