Dances Made to Order

A Note from our SF curator, Christy Bolingbroke

9/24/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Christy Bolingbroke in a photo by Meg Messina

A note from our San Francisco edition curator, Christy Bolingbroke on the San Francisco edition films:

I knew the San Francisco edition of Dances Made to Order would represent just a small corner of our community’s artistic diversity, but was delighted to see it reflected many of the Bay Area’s values as well. Whether it was embracing nature in Fletcher’s The Light is Changing, a magical sense of wonder in Hubiak’s Mrs. Feather Bottom’s Hatchlings, or the absurd in Serber’s Who Asked for It?, all three choreographers/dance filmmakers took us on an undeniably San Franciscan journey from a Victorian bedroom to the beach or the park, and even over the Golden Gate Bridge

Thank you to Christy Bolingbroke, ODC Theater, Claudia Anata Hubiak, Rajendra Serber and  Michelle Fletcher of the Here Now Dance Collective for collaborating with us on this project! Check out the films from the San Francisco edition. What defines the Bay area aesthetic? Tell us what you think…