Dances Made to Order

An Interview with Ellen Bartel, our Austin edition curator

10/15/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment


Why are you interested in making dance film?

Simply put, I believe dance on film opens the door to seeing dance in new ways, whether that is taking dance out of the theater and filming in new and alternative locations, or showing the process over the product. Also, it makes dance more accessible to a wider audience.

 What are you looking forward to about the Dances Made to Order project?  What are you nervous about?

I am looking forward to the collaboration with my dancers, the different viewpoints from them as well as the camera lens. I am nervous about the fast edit turnaround and being happy with the final product.

What is special about the Austin dance scene?

Austin is a choreographer’s town. It is open to experimentation and collaboration (music, video, visual arts, theatre) all is accepted here.

If we were going to spend the day with you hanging out in Austin, what would we do?

Walk around downtown and have coffee, see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse or Violet Crown, have drinks, and defiantly see some local music (either punk/ or avant jazz/composition) if there is some sort of crazy fashion show or performance art event…we would go there.

 What is your favorite drink and where do you get it?

Mexican Martini- any outside patio on South Congress

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I’ve been a gas station attendant during the summers between college, I’ve also been a drummer in a band for many years, I am an atheist but love gospel music.

Ellen Bartel is collaborating with Eliot Hayes and the Spank Dance Company to create a dance film for the Austin edition of Dances Made to Order.Select the ideas that will inspire our artists’ work from October 17 through October 25 at midnight and pre-order your tickets for the online premiere. Visit our home page to sign up and pre-order your tickets for the online premiere on November 14. “Like” us on Facebook or follow us twitter for special discounts and giveaways.