Dances Made to Order

The Book of Life

4/30/2012 by Bryan Koch | Comment

Being lives his life like a tarnished book, dragging his chapters endlessly searching for answers. In a poetic dream he discovers there is no luck and fortune in our existence. Life sets him free from temptation and seduction, and ask him to write his own path… knowing there is no price for life.

Red Light

4/30/2012 by Bryan Koch | Comment

“Red Light” is an experimental exploration of an unconscious (subconscious) daydreaming through the language of movement and camera, while “waiting” to proceed a random daily activity by linking the self content and the environmental facts around us.


April 2012 Description

4/1/2012 by Kingsley Irons | Comment

Curated by Malina Rodriguez of Dance Truck.

The ideas our audience chose were: 1) Am I awake or am I dreaming? 2) shiny/tarnished 3) an imaginary history.
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