Dances Made to Order

Anikó Sáfrán and Wyn Pottratz

Anikó Sáfrán’s media are film, video, photography, sound, installation, and performance art. Her award-winning work has been exhibited nationally in museums, galleries, and live performances.As a film industry professional, she worked on projects ranging from television commercials to Academy award-winning features for clients including Kodak, Sundance, Disney, and HBO. This summer, she will be graduating from the University of Utah with an Honors-BA in Film & New Media Arts and an Honors-BFA in Photography. Born in New Jersey to Hungarian immigrants, her sensibilities come from straddling, balancing, and sometimes falling in-between her two cultures.

Wyn Pottratz is a choreographic filmmaker, dancemaker and teacher living in Salt Lake City. She is an MFA candidate in the Modern Dance Department at University of Utah. She serves as the president of the Screendance Club and co-director of the Dance for the Camera Festival 2011. Lately, she finds interest in white canvases, whether that canvas is the geography of the Utah desert, the emotional distance between two people, or the clear, open space one may feel inside themselves.

Aniko and Wyn created Falling for the Salt Lake City edition, curated by Ashley Anderson of loveDANCEmore. Available for live-streaming when you buy a ticket. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to our artists to support their work. Thanks for believing in the magic and potential in dance film as an art form