Dances Made to Order

April Rose Burnam

April Rose for Dances Made to Order

Photo by Stevie Mckinle

April Rose is an internationally touring bellydancer and scholar in UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures department. She was born in California, met her husband in India, and currently lives in Austin, TX. She is interested in improvised dance within the female collective and in playing with aesthetics of feminine beauty. Often times, her choreography seeks to find a balance between an interplay of fused traditions the ethics of intercultural performance. Her strategy in life and art is to take risk without taking herself too seriously. She wants to believe in astrology and past-lives and that people are good…and that something interesting will come out of this collaborative marriage between fire and water.”

April Rose and Reed Burnam created “Another Good Morning” for the June 2011 edition of Dances Made to Order.