Dances Made to Order

Carla Forte

Carla Forte

Carla is a performer, writer, video artist and Film Director. Her Video Arts has been presented in important Festivals around the world like: La Biennale di Venezia (Italy) Non-Verbal Theatre (Croatia) and Adrienne Arsht Center (USA).

Film credits included: Reset, Short Film Corner – Cannes Film Festival (France) Urban Stories, Award of Merit – Lucerne International Film festival (Switzerland); Best Script, Best Feature and Best Cinematography – Bootleg Film Festival (Toronto); Honorable mention Los Angeles Movie Awards (USA)

Interrupta by Carla Forte for Dances Made

Carla Forte created INTERRUPTA for Edition 21 of Dances Made.

Edition # 21 was curated by and presented in partnership with

Miami Light Project