Dances Made to Order

d. Sabela grimes

d Sabela grimes for Dances Made to Order

d. Sabela grimes aka Ovasoul7 is a multi-hyphenated artist, choreographer and educator whose work transforms speech and sound into a visual performance with movement that is electric on transmission. Sabela has conceived and presented a body of creative work that proactively seeks to expand beyond contemporary notions of Hip Hop culture and aesthetics. His work journeys through the current future of the present past and the corrugated spaces of many incarnations. Each creative offering is a familiar ritual, a conscious spectacle, the stillest rumination.

Sabela created the film “aVEILable” for the April 2011 edition and curated the 2012 Philadelphia edition featuring “Skeleton Skin” by Niki and Jorge Cousineau, “turn out, turn up” by Gabrielle Revlock and “Before I Die” by Raphael Xavier.