Dances Made to Order

Ellen Bartel of Spank Dance Company

Ellen Bartel and the Spank Dance Company. Photo by Stephen Pruitt

Ellen Bartel received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from S.U.N Y Potsdam in 1993 and in 2012 her M.F.A. in Dance at the University of Texas focusing on the pedagogical methods of contemporary dance and choreography of site-dance. In 2000 Ellen formed her own modern dance company called Spank Dance Company and in 2006 became 501c3 arts organization. Ellen’s choreography has been shown in many venues in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and New York City.

Check out an interview with Ellen on the Dances Made to Order blog.

Ellen Bartel in collaboration with Eliot Haynes and the Spank Dance Company created a dance film inspired by the themes our audience has chosen: beginning to disappear and let me in, let me out. Visit our home page to sign up and get your tickets. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to the artists to support their work. It’s a great way to show your appreciation. Thank you for believing in the magic and potential of dance film as an art form.  ”Like” us on Facebook or follow us twitter for special discounts and giveaways.