Dances Made to Order

Erin Beneze

Erin Beneze for Dances Made to Order

Erin Beneze is a Midwestern born, East coast trained, West coast artist. She took her first ballet class at five and hasn’t stopped since. After earning her BFA from the North Carolina School of the Arts Erin traveled to study contact improv in Seattle, corporeal mime and physical opera in France and aerial dance with Clap If You’re Confused back in North Carolina. Since relocating to Los Angeles she has had the opportunity to expand her movement into somatic, sensory territory. These days her choreography lives at the intersection of internal experience and performative dance. She is a member of the Auto Body Collective and is currently in post-production for her latest dance film.

Erin Beneze created “Stairhead” for the May 2011 edition of Dances Made to Order. Stairhead was selected for the 2011 Dance Showcase at the Topanga  Film Festival.