Dances Made to Order

Kingsley Irons

Kingsley Irons  is a choreographer, filmmaker and co-founder of Dances Made to Order. She is Filipina-American and grew up in Queens, New York. This explains her eternal love for hip-hop, bling, manicures and coronas. She is in denial that she currently lives in Los Angeles and that right now this is where she belongs.

In collaboration with Bryan Koch and Derrick Spiva Jr, Kingsley has created several films for Dances Made to Order

We’ve Met Before (free film)

Ebb and Flow (free film)

Hello   Part of the October 2011 series.

Sanctuary. Part of the July 2011 series. This film has been selected for the Festival of the Moving Body, the Glovebox film festival and the Third Coast Film Festival

Imaginary Friends Part of the April 2011 series.