Dances Made to Order

Mayuna Shimizu and Collaborators


Mayuna Shimizu for Dances Made to Order


Mayuna Shimizu is a native of Fukushima, Japan. Shimizu is a founder & choreographer of Blue Muse Dance, multi-performance arts collective that presents her work as well as film, music and other dance productions in Unites States and abroad. She is also a founding member & collaborating artist of Third Rail Projects. For more information:

Ron Patane for dances Made to Order

Ron Patane is a filmmaker and editor, currently residing in New York City. He is best known for co-editing the Oscar nominated film BLUE VALENTINE starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, directed by Derek Cianfrance. Along with feature films, Ron has edited many commercials, as well as music videos, documentaries, shorts, and television. He also works professionally as a shooter and director, and when not working on features, television and commercials, collaborates with other artists in making films. He has started a series of collaborations with performance artists in an attempt to bring a more cinematic perspective to films about dance and other art forms. Currently Ron is editing Derek Cianfrance’s follow up to BLUE VALENTINE, titled THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES.

Ayumi Sakamoto for Dances Made to Order

Ayumi Sakamoto is a freelance photographer currently residing in New York City whose work has been published in both the United States and in her home country of Japan. She photographs a wide range of subjects from grand exteriors to personal interiors. Her photographs reveal a personal relationship with the spirit of the places and people with whom she interacts. One of the featured subjects in her work is the performing arts. Through her many collaborations with dancers she has been able to build a body of work that showcases a sense of the beauty and freedom that dance symbolizes. This appreciation for the visual poetry of dance has carried over to her recent collaborations in producing performance art based films.

Makoto Yoshida for Dances Made to Order

Makoto Yoshida began his career as a sound engineer in Tokyo, Japan in 1991 and created tracks since 1997. Yoshida moved to NY in 2006 and has been working as a live and recording sound engineer for many dance productions.

Mayuna Shimizu and collaborators created In Between for the New York edition, curated by Zach Morris of Dance Films Association’s dance film lab.¬†Available for live-streaming when you buy a ticket. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to our artists to support their work.¬†Thanks for believing in the magic and potential in dance film as an art form.