Dances Made to Order

Nadia Oussenko

Nadia Oussenko is a choreographer, filmmaker, photographer, and dance educator. Her screen dances provide a visceral experience for her viewers, directing her viewers’ attention and drawing them into closer proximity and greater intimacy with the moving body. Oussenko’s works have been screened at the Music Box Theatre and Chicago Filmmakers in Chicago, IL, ADF Dancing for the Camera Festival of Video and Dance, The San Francisco Dance Film Festival, and Moves International Festival of Movement on Screen in Manchester, England.

Nadia Oussenko and collaborators created Dance of the Queer Tide Faeries for the Chicago edition, curated by and presented in partnership with the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago. Dance of the Queer Tide Faeries was accepted to the Topanga Dance Film Showcase in July 2012. Available for live-streaming when you buy a ticket. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to our artists to support their work. Thanks for believing in the magic and potential in dance film as an art form.