Dances Made to Order

Pramila Vasudevan

Photo by: Nancy Wong

Trained in contemporary Indian dance and visual media, Pramila Vasudevan is the founder and artistic director of Aniccha Arts (2004) which uses dance and electronic media to interrupt public space and invoke mass response. Highlights of her work include The Wet Bug Hush (2008), Choreographers’ Evening, Walker Art Center; The Weather Vein Project (2009), Art(ists) on the verge commission, Weisman Art Museum; Words to Dead Lips (2010), Catalyst Series, Intermedia Arts; and In Habit: Living Patterns (2012) Northern Spark Festival. She is new to creating dance films, and is excited for this opportunity to integrate dance and media in a non-traditional performance environment.

Pramila Vasudevan created, Regression for the Minneapolis edition curated by Laurie Van Wieren of 9×22 Dance/lab. Available for live-streaming when you buy a ticket. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to our artists to support their work. Thanks for believing in the magic and potential in dance film as an art form.