Dances Made to Order

Pyeunghun Baik

Pyeunghun Baik for Dances Made to Order

Pyeunghun Baik was born in Korea and is now a New York based filmmaker and visual artist. He moved to NYC in 2002 and studied visual art and received MFA in television production from Brooklyn College. He directed many short movies and videos, but is also known for his vision on experimental filmmaking which uses other genre of art (poetry, dance, experimental sound, photography, video installation) as a tool for storytelling. He has received many awards from numerous film festivals and his films are shown internationally, including Tribecca Cinema, Quad Cinema, MOCA, Paramount theater, other museum and galleries. He currently resides in Queens, NY and is doing pre-production for his first feature film.

Pyeunghun Baik and Kihwa Kim created “The Woman” for the April 2011 edition.