Dances Made to Order

Raphael Xavier


Raphael Xavier is an award winning artist and member of the world renown Hip Hop Dance Company, Rennie Harris Puremovement. As a self taught Hip Hop dancer/Breaking practitioner since 1983, he has forged an exceptional approach to improvisation. Brenda Dixon Gottschild deemed Xavier, ‘A fine movement technician’. His extensive research in Hip Hop forms have lead to the creation of Ground-Core, a Somatic dance technique, giving the practitioner a better understanding of the body within all dance forms.

Raphael has created Before I Die for the Philadelphia edition and Addin Sub-Track for the May 2011 edition of Dances Made to Order.  Available for live-streaming when you buy a ticket. 65% of the ticket revenue goes back to our artists to support their work. Thanks for believing in the magic and potential in dance film as an art form.

The Philadelphia edition was curated by d. Sabela Grimes and presented in partnership with Philadelphia Dance Projects