Dances Made to Order

Sébastien Farges and Violeta Rodriguez

Séb Farges for Dances Made

Sébastien Farges and Violeta Rodriguez are collaborating on a film for Edition 25 of Dances Made. Their film will be inspired by the themes chosen by our audience: street art, remake and vivid/paleGet your tickets for the exclusive digital premiere on June 26.

Seb Farges started his career in visual arts, directed many music videos and collaborated with Les Nubians and Jamie Cullum and became a senior editor on documentaries. Since 2009, he’s very interested in the development of video integrated in DSLR, a passion he associates with antique film camera lenses. The ability to shoot targets with small camera (“caméra stylo”) with very fast lenses (up to T0.95) allows him to work with an aesthetic distance from the video, to go back to his first love: Super 8, Lomo photography and film.

Violeta Rodriguez for Dances Made

Venezuelan dancer born in Mérida (1986). Started her education as a contemporary dancer in 2000 at the Dance Department of the Universidad de Los Andes, where she studied until 2004. Later, danced for the company Terpsis (2006-2008). In 2010, she debuted her professional dance training at the CF Adage (Bordeaux). She has participated in projects as a dancer and choreographer with artists like Marie-Françoise Garcia, Gilles Baron, Regina Advento, Sabri Colin, Rafael Nieves, Sébastien Farges and Viktor Ruban.