Dances Made to Order

Wilfried Souly

Wilfried Souly for Dances Made to Order

Born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso a small country in West Africa, Wilfried Souly began studying and performing dance, music, and theatre at a young age with the internationally acclaimed and award winning artistic ensemble “ Le Bourgeon Du Burkina”. Pairing his love of dance with the martial arts, Wilfried was also a member of his country’s Taekwondo national team for years, winning the prestigious title of West Africa’s best fighter in 2004. Wilfried has been a guest teaching artist at the UCLA Worlds Arts & Culture Department since 2007 and recently became a part of the faculty in 2010. He also continues to teach for the Fullerton School District, and the LA’s Best after school program, performing at the Kodak Theater and events hosted by “So U think U can Dance”. Wilfried Souly is also an internationally performing member of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project and the Dafra West African Dance and drumming ensemble. Most recently, Wilfried has been working with the critically acclaimed company, Oni Dance, in Exquisite.Corpse, debuting this June at San Francisco’s Counterpulse and choreographed by artistic director Maria Gillespie. Wilfried became a part of ARC Dance Arts in June of 2010 and currently resides in Los Angeles. He continues to travel the world, teaching, choreographing and performing with a variety of dance projects.Wilfried is US National Champion 2010 of Taekwondo, (Gold Medal in Heavy Weight Division) and currently teaching West African community classes at “Your Neighborhood Studio” in Culver City (Los Angeles area).

Wilfried created “Bayiiri” for the June 2011 edition of Dances Made to Order. “Bayiiri” was selected for the Festival Nomad Express in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.