Dances Made to Order

How It Works


We believe art is a necessary part of everyday life. We believe dance is a universal language that everyone can understand. We believe that the dance world needs to innovate, adapt and have a real relationship with its audience. We present local dance on a global scale.

Dances Made to Order is a curated, online dance film series that inspires artists to create new and original work. In 2014 we will be moving towards a quarterly timeline. Stay tuned for the announcement artist line-up on January 29, 2014!

Subscribe to an entire season for only $50, and get 33 short films—plus bonus content throughout the year. Or, buy a single-edition ticket for only $6.75 which includes three films. 65% of our ticket revenue goes back to our participating artists to support their work.  It’s a great way to show your appreciation.

While you are waiting for the films to premiere, catch up on the past editions you have missed.

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How are the artists selected for the series?

Artists are selected by our curators/curatorial partners or must come highly recommended by an artist who has already participated in the series. We no do not have an open submission policy and do not accept unsolicited work.

Dances Made produces the En Route Dance Film Festival

Dances Made to Order also produces the En Route Film Festival annually to celebrate the work of other films and artists not included in our series.  Submissions are currently closed, but check back in the summer of 2014.

Dances Made to Order was created by Kingsley Irons and Bryan Koch in April 2011.

Kingsley Irons is a choreographer, filmmaker and co-founder of Dances Made to Order. She is Filipina-American and grew up in Queens, New York. This explains her eternal love for hip-hop, bling, manicures and coronas. In an ideal world she would wear a party dress and go out to a different restaurant every night.

Co-founder of Dances Made, Bryan Koch is a web developer, designer and filmmaker. He grew up near Philadelphia in a house with a few too many cats. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles where he enjoys drinking Old Fashioneds, eating BBQ of all kinds, and putting his favorite songs on repeat. Bryan performs nightly in his living room. Upcoming acts include random man dances and juggling of up to three pieces of fruit.

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